Heat a frozen pie in the microwave

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April 21, 2010

17 thoughts on “Heat a frozen pie in the microwave

  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve done some good experimenting. Love it! What’s with the upside down thing?
    mine preferred method is eating the lid, then the inside with a spoon and finally the base shell!!!

  2. Awe I haven’t tried this yet!! I am not a lazy person BUT MY OVEN IS BROKEN! SO I GOT NO ALTERNATIVE LOL. Everything is working on my cooker, but not the main oven! groan. Gonna try this! I’ve got 5 little steak and kidney pies in my freezer that need eating ha ha. Thank you for the brilliant tip, and seeing as I am the worlds worst cook? It will be very interesting to see how it turns out! Pray for me! lol because I remember when my hubby Chris was ill he needed to eat something so I put a pie in the microwave! I heard some banging and spluttering and when I opened the microwave there lying in the bottom was an empty pie case and on the roof of the microwave was the contents!! And don’t laugh! lol. ha ha.

  3. Are you able to thaw a pre-baked frozen pie and then heat it up in the microwave? If so, how long can it be thawed until it is heated up and ready to eat?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Erin, frozen pies from the supermarket are pre-cooked also, not raw, so it shouldn’t be much different. So I’d probably still go by 3 minutes at full power from fully frozen (time may vary due to differences in microwave power though).

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