Growing greener


March 25, 2011

5 thoughts on “Growing greener

  1. Heya Caesar!

    Nice with the patio garden! Just wondering about the spring onions/shallot. Did you check the packet to see if it’s actually the spring onions that you’re thinking of or are they shallots as in the little red onions which grows underground…you can eat the stalk growing out of them like spring onions and they taste the same. maybe you should dig one up to see if there is a little onion on the end? had some at my old Pasadena home…ate them for years as spring onions until one day I tried to dig them up to move them for some reason and found “shallot onions”! it’s a possibility.

  2. @Dillon – yes it’s definitely spring onion (Allium cepa var. cepa) – the uncertainty is not to do with which one I’ve got, but rather the various names that they get called in recipes – especially those from the Internet!

    @Dave – thanks mate, but I’ll probably just grab a bunch from the local Asian grocery, it’s within walking distance and only a couple of bucks anyway. Great patch you got going there!

  3. Nice work! It’s all gone after one meal of rice paper rolls though eh?
    The Hubs went nuts last year in our backyard – the tomatoes when crazy, he was giving them away by the bagful. He then weighed up his time/money against buying a bag at the market and realised he wasn’t winning!

  4. I have a lot of indoor/outdoor plants in my place. Boston Fern and Parlour Palm in the dining room and Peace Lilies and a Dumb Cane on the balcony. I tried growing herbs and lettuce and tomatoes on the balcony, but the possums always find them and eat everything before they get too big. They even ate a chili plant that my friend gave me as a housewarming gift when I first moved in! But they don’t eat the regular indoor type plants so I’m happy about that. As I live in an apartment, balcony space is limited but it’s my plan to put as many indoor types in as many rooms as I can.

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