Give Foxtel the ‘flix

[Update, March 2015: although Netflix is now available in Australia, this method still applies to allow you to view content from different Netflix regions around the world. Since licensing deals are done on a region-by-region basis different countries have access to different content.] I don’t watch much TV,  partly because the ad-ridden free-to-air channels are never showing anything watching when I feel like watching it (and I don’t care to be a slave to their timetable), and partly because Pay TV services such as Foxtel are so ridiculously overpriced. In spite of this, I don’t condone pirating (illegally downloading) shows […]

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Cheap to the (I)MAX!

I’ll get to how you can buy cheap tickets to see the latest blockbusters in 3D in a sec. First, let me put on my GeekReads movie reviews hat for a bit and say a few words: 3D movies were already starting to become mainstream long before Avatar came along, despite what the industry seems seems to think. Several (mostly Disney) animated movies such as Up, Coraline, Bolt, G-Force had already paved the way. Truth is, what James Cameron’s epic heralded the tipping point at which people started being enticed away from their home theatre systems and out of their […]

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Buying books

A handy tip for thrifty bookworms who like to buy books at cheaper prices than in bookstores: use Booko. This fantastic Web site will do all the hard work for you of checking prices on all of the major retailers’ Websites, adding shipping costs, and even converting foreign currencies into Aussie Dollars! As an example, one of the most useful and prized books in my library is The Cook’s Companion, by Stephanie Alexander. This retails for around $100 in most bookstores and the cheapest I’ve ever seen is $89.95 at KMart or Big W, but Booko shows that at today’s […]