Stylised graphic of a train

Close to home

Not very long ago I worked in a job where it only took 15 minutes by car each way to and from work, door to door (and not just on a good day – I go against the traffic). Recently, I’ve been working in the city, and the commute is 45 minutes each way, door to door (and that’s if there isn’t some delay with the trains). In essence I’ve lost about an hour each day, an hour where I would previously have done my gardening or made dinner. That one extra hour per day, considering your average 8 hour […]

Rolled up ties

Go mufti

Fashion has got to be one of the most glaring evidences of the great gender divide. Men’s clothes are the so bland: watch a Hollywood red carpet and compare the styles and colours of what the ladies are wearing vs. the men. Wow. A variation on the suit. With colour *rah*. Like so with work attire. Nothing says “business is boring” like a room full of men in pants and jackets, so why do we persist with it day in, day out? It’s possible to demonstrate professionalism and show respect for the workplace while dressed in something that reflects your […]