Seafood hors d'ouvre

Super-quick Seafood Hors d’Ouvre

Got friends dropping by for afternoon tea and don’t have anything to serve? Well here’s a recipe for seafood hor d’ouvres that takes literally seconds to make, but looks like you put loads of effort into it. Ingredients Seafood highlighter/crab stick (whatever you call it) Smoked salmon Mayonnaise Parsley Mini toast Method: Don’t mind too much about the portions, just don’t overdo it with the mayo – the point is to be quick and measuring takes too much time. Throw everything into a food processor and whizz for a few seconds until you get a roughly chopped mixture. It should […]

A delicious korean rabokki

Rabbokki (korean bubble-and-squeak)

Korean food is notoriously difficult to make. If it isn’t some rare and exotic ingredient it’s a long and convoluted cooking process, which is a shame ‘coz Korean food is so darned tasty! I recently discovered a recipe for rabbokki (라볶이), which is kinda like a Korean version of bubble-and-squeak in that you can pretty much chuck whatever you like in there as long as you’ve got the basics (i.e. rice cake and chilli paste). It’s very easy to make, and uses ingredients that aren’t too exotic – although some of the items you’d still have to get from a […]

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4 Ingredients on the iPhone

A quick addendum to my earlier post on thrifty cooking: yesterday I noticed that the “4 ingredients” book also has an iPhone App that you can buy for A$4.99. The advantage that the App has over the dead tree version is that you can search for recipes by scrolling through an alphabetical list of ingredients (and although it’s called “ingredients” the list also includes categories too, such as “Breakfast”). It’s also a funny co-incidence is that the App is “rated 4+” (as in the age classification, not the customer ratings). Buy now from

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A dash of this, a splash of that … thrifty cooking

MasterChef is finally over, and the Julie-rage is slowly subsiding. So what’s for dinner tonight? Coming up with tasty meals that are also easy on the hip pocket can be hard (who can afford to splash out on a bottle of Moet for cooking with like they were doing on MasterChef!?) I personally find it difficult to get inspiration from recipes books, because there’ll almost always be at least one ingredient that you don’t have. I used to live in an apartment that was right upstairs from a supermarket so I could just pop down and grab something, but who […]